Womb Chair

There are many possibilities to sit comfortably. But, honestly, if you have ever taken a seat on a Womb Chair designed by the very popular Finnish furniture designer Eero Saarinen, you won't yearn for any other seating. Since Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen is a top-drawer Chair, which stands out for its perfect match of elegance and its maximum of comfort. It is not without reason, that this Saarinen Chair is one of the most popular designs from Saarinen. Being a son in a family of architects, Eero Saarinen very early had a sense for unusual and impressive architecture. When first meeting the highly renowned designer Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen discovered his preference for iconic furniture. Therefore, for his design of Tulip Chair he achieved worldwide fame, followed by many other popular items in the range of furnishing, as for example, the Womb Chair.

Without a doubt, a trendily furnished home needs modern embellishing furniture. But very often, the shapely furniture does not provide the expected comfort. With Womb Chair by Eero Saarinen you don't have to worry! This Saarinen Chair is a marvelous item out of the hand of the star designer, transforming high-valued materials to an aesthetical shaped seating. As an example, the surface of this Eero Saarinen Chair is made of supple cashmere wool, gained from fine goat hair. In addition, the Womb Chair is thanks to its various color range a Saarinen Chair, which is very versatile, harmonically suitable to any living atmosphere. The ergonomic shape of the Womb Chair fits perfect to your body and with its curved armrests it has every detail, which let the Womb Chair be a harmonic place of peace.


The single-legged Saarinen Chair known as Tulip Chair is the beginning of the successful story of its designer and has still worldwide popularity. The Tulip Chair obviously combines the influences of its designer, architecture, and nature, and is characterized by its unique and flowing shape, and it's single-legged construction. The circular base rounds up the modern overall appearance of this beautiful Saarinen Chair and makes the Tulip Chair an indispensable furniture item for stylish enthusiasts of modern furnishings. By the way, Muloco also offers the matching Tulip Table.