Verner Panton

At the end of his studies in 1950 Verner Panton worked for two years in the architecture and design office of the renowned Arne Jacobsenan whom he met through his father. Entrusted with furniture design, he inter alia designs the ant, one of the most famous chairs Jacobsens'. Years later, he will be saying about this, not always easy time: The older I get, the more respect I get in front of Arne Jacobsen, although I have a different view on many things. When you consider all that Arne Jacobsen has done in many areas, there is nobody in the world who can beat him. Of course, his skills were accompanied by talent, energy, economics and happiness. And maybe it was all a little too clean. But I've never learned more with anybody else than Arne Jacobsen.

In the 70s Verner Panton fully immersed into the world of colors and shapes. Strengthened by the success he dares incredible avant-garde designs. The Visiona 2 resembles to a creative firework. Furniture, lighting, wall coverings and textiles, Verner Panton never limits only on the single object, but always puts it in a context, that relates the entire room in its design. Passion for bright colors and geometric shapes are reflected in his extensive work as a textile designer. These results emerge in the mid-70s as a number of textiles with expressive imprint. People get mad at you if you like colors. As well as at people with imagination. Most want what they are accustomed. But I have to exaggerate to bring my point across, Verner Panton once said.