Swan Chair

Hardly any other furnishing designer created such iconic furniture as Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. With his innovative seating furniture as Swan Chair and the famous Egg Chair he created design classics, that still impress later generations. During his long career as an architect he did not only design fascinating buildings but also furnished them with furniture, at the same time useful and of beautiful shape. Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair is up to date still a role model of functionalism at perfection. At Muloco you will find the Swan Chair as sophisticatedly processed Swan Chair Replica in many variations of color.

Unlike his architectural works, which involve geometrical and straight forms, in his furniture designs he followed organic models. Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair is a paradigm of this orientation on nature, at the same time of useful and decorative character. The silhouette of the Swan Chair corresponds to his name patron, as Swan Chair has the profile of a swan sliding smoothly over the water.


With a bent neck and idle wings, this is how to imagine the model inspiring the designer on the Swan Chair. Arne Jacobsen avoided straight lines and visible seams when designing the Swan Chair. Also, Swan Chair suits perfectly as a Lounge Chair to any atmosphere. Not least because of that, it is, worldwide, one of the most popular lounge furniture. Initially designed for SAS Royal Hotel of Copenhagen, it advanced from being a hotel installation to a popular chair for homes and offices on the whole wide world fast. The Swan Chair also has had regular appearances on productions of Film and Television since its creation in 1965, and, therefore, it revives repeatedly. Besides of the complete design of the Swan Chair, also the Egg Chair is part of the oeuvre of the designer. Our Swan Chair Replica and Egg Chair prove more than any other design item that replicas of classics have a high level of comfort, even if they still have a high level of comfort.


We only use strong and high-valued materials for our replicas to meet the challenges of the original. Swan Chair Replica, as well as the Egg Chair, are produced with a strong shell. Backrest, armrest, and seat are made of good cold-foam in one single cast and provide high steadiness and much comfort. The cover is of soft and at the same time robust fabric, and shines in a strong color. You can choose from a high variety of colors when choosing our Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair (as well as for the others high-quality chairs as the Tulip Chair) so that your Chair fits perfectly in your furnishing style.