Ray & Charles Eames

The couple realized their designs always as congenial designer couple. Charles Eames studied architecture at Washington University in St. Louis. After a fellowship at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, he became head of the Department of Industrial Design. His wife Ray Eames was a trained visual artist who developed the unique design concepts and designs together with her husband. The couple had an immense, pioneering influence on the US-American and exotic design in the second half of the 20th century with their artistic design. The furniture designs were influenced to a high degree of functionalism.

In particular, the armchairs and chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames are among the best known design classics in the field of seating. The leather upholstered Eames Lounge Chair with ottoman stands for luxury and comfort in perfection. In this sense they understood the furniture as a special retreat from the hustle and overstimulation of everyday life. As timeless masterpieces various chair designs such as the Eames DAR, DAW, DSR, DSW and LCW also apply. The Eames office chairs are to this day enjoying great popularity.