Poul Henningsen

After dropping his architectural studies Poul Henningsen started his career as an inventor, author and painter. But later he specialized increasingly in the design of lamps and submitted a conceptual idea of functionalism. Henningsen is considered an early pioneer of extraordinary lighting as an essential aspect of an upscale residential ambience. As the main representative of Danish functionalism, Henningsen influenced an entire generation of light and lighting. The focus of product development were lights with a soft, diffused light:

Light refracting slats served as diffusers, bright painted bottoms ensured a precisely calculated scattering.

The Artichoke Lamp is a wonderful example of Henningsen's individual lighting concept. Because of its oriented to the natural shape of an artichoke structure it creates a unique light and shadow. The arranged fins allow the dispersion and glare of light, creating a particularly warm living atmosphere is created.