Peter Ghyczy

Peter Ghyczy studied architecture at the Technische Hochschule in Aachen with a focus on construction technology. As a designer for the company Elastrogan under Gottfried Reuter, Ghyczy developed numerous designs made of polyurethane, which earned him a high popularity. In the 70s he even founded a company in Viersen, with whom he eventually was able to present his own furniture collections.

Novel interpretations of classical forms, imposing, high-quality materials and thorough craftsmanship cooperate to each item to add a unique glow.

The characteristic combinations of brass, aluminum, wood and stainless steel with glass are typical of Ghyczy works.

From the game with the flexible PU material unique furniture designs such as the garden egg, which went down in history in 1968 as the first folding chair arose during his time with Elastrogan.

Even today the originals also of the known as Senftenberg egg masterpiece count among the most coveted collectibles from that era.