Pünktliche Lieferung

This is why we promise you a short delivery period for our timeless design classics. For your own convenience we give you an exact date so you can be present in person at the time of delivery.

On our product pages, you can check the current status of each respective article with regard to its presumed delivery time. Usually, shipping time takes about 1 week working days for all products which are in stock.

If the article you chose is still in production or customized for you, the expected delivery time will be 12 - 14 weeks. Our logistics partners will contact you via telephone to announce the date of the delivery, and they will stick to the set delivery times. You can also arrange a different appointment with the freight forwarder.

Pünktliche Lieferung

In our wide product range, our goal is constantly to have a high number of products in stock. That is why our top sellers are always ready for dispatch. Especially many of our basic models in black or white are delivered only a few days after you placed your order.

Since life is not only black and white, we offer you a wide range of color and material variations, so that you can have exactly the model that suits you. And if you are looking for a color or a specific product you can not find on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to work out a solution that fits your ideas.

Products which are in stock will be delivered by our logistics partners within approximately 1 week days. For all other items, the delivery time can take about 12 - 14 weeks. We will inform you about the expected delivery time before you place your order.