Le Corbusier, born as Charles-Edouard Jeannret, was a French and Swiss designer and architect. But, he wasn't only some designer, but one of the most influencing designers of 20th century, if not the most influencing one. Obviously, Le Corbusier Chaise Longue is a real design classic that should not be absent from any stylish furnished home. Le Corbusier Chaise Longue comes without any knickknack and, therefore, it is apparently recognizable the handwriting of the exceptional designer. He said once, home was an engine for living and a chair were an engine for seating. Obvious, that there is no space for nothing but functionalism. But that is, what makes the Chaise Longue as comfortable as it is. The Le Corbusier Chaise Longue embodies perfectly Jeannrets claim of functionality in a perfect manner.

In respect of his motto, the Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise Longue consists of a soft reclining surface on two curved steel skids. Mostly all, that is needed for relaxation. That is, what constitutes its charm. This simplicity of functionalism has world widely many fans. But, Le Corbusier Chaise Longue isn't available only in one design. Up to date, every lover of the puristic design of the Le Corbusier Chaise Longue will find the right design, as it is available from plain black leather, and natural dark brown, up to loud red, and mostly every other color. Even, Le Corbusier Chaise Longue is available made of high-valued leather with a cowhide look. Even if the designs of the cover may have changed, the unique designer quality has remained the same.


Although the design of Le Corbusier Chaise Longe LC4 is assigned to Art Deco it isn't required to combine it just with furniture by Jeannret or furniture of that era. A LC4 Chaise Longue can have the full effect in wide rooms with different types of design elements. A good combination, for example, can be Le Corbusier Chaise Longue with Eames Chairs. The simple functionalism of Le Corbusier LC4 connect perfectly with the playfulness of the Eames Chairs, for example the Eames Lounge Chair (specially in noble white). Another highlight when combining Le Corbusier LC4 with Eames Chairs is the interesting mix of material. On the one hand, we have steel and leather elements at the Le Corbusier Chaise Longue, and on the other plastic and wooden elements at the Eames Chairs.