George Nelson

George Nelson studied architecture at Yale University. He then received a scholarship at the American Academy in Rome. Increasingly, Nelson became one of the most influential design theorists of the USA. In addition to further work as a co-editor of the Architectural Forum, Nelson also founded an office for industrial design. The incomparability of his style is due to his intuitive and subtle methodology that allowed the designer to realize even unconventional and highly individual designs. He has been dealing with developing convenient and yet expressive office furniture, beautiful accessories and many other things and to thusfore let his creative imagination run wild. In this way arose designs, that still are recognized as unusual and yet groundbreaking classics for the former epoch.

Some trendsetting furniture and accessories are for instance obtained under the name George Nelson Coconut Chair 1955 or George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa style. And the George Nelson style turbine Clock 1947 is just as popular as George Nelson Eye Clock style 1948 in the style of the wild 50s, in which, inter alia, Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, Bo Diddley and Neil Sedaka conquered the music stages of the world.

The Coconut Chair and Marshmallow Sofa, like the clocks Eye Clock, Ball Clock and Sunburst Clock are true masterpieces of modern design. They are evidence of the claim of the designer, not only to subdue the standards of a scientifically conceived design concept, but comply with the human need for artistic freedom in an impressive manner.