Eileen Gray

After studying at the Slade School of Art in London Eileen Gray moved to Paris, where she was able to establish connection to the local art scene. The Irishwoman achieved her artistic breakthrough with the participation in the exhibition Union des Artistes Modernes in Paris. Was the artist first influeneced by the Art Nouveau and Japanese in the early 20th century in her designs, first by the Art Nouveau and Japanese influence in the early 20th century, her style then developed increasingly to a more modern understanding of design.

Grays artistic conceptions were based now on simple and basic geometric shapes. The furniture designs had been simplified to a fine design language and geared primarily to functional needs.

Many influences inspired them. So she approved about the ornate ornamentation of Art Nouveau as well as the influence of Japanese art.

In this way designs of impressive lacquer furniture were developped, which however were reduced more and more over time, as Eileen Gray increasingly took a liking to clean lines and shapes.

Eileen Gray's Bibendum Chair and adjustable glass table E1027, form in their design from a modern understanding of art, in which aesthetics serve the needs of functional design. Using the example of the glass table E 1027 it is also clear that practicality and elegant design do not contradict.

With the Adjustable Table E 1027, she so created a side table, which still seems both practically as well as reduced.