Eames Armchair

The very comfortable Eames Armchair by Charles and Ray Eames does not only provide relaxing rest, but certainly may be one of the most impressive designs of modern furniture design. Eames Armchair is not only a piece of furniture, but is also an optical highlight in every furnishing. Thereby, Eames Armchair fits perfectly into every single furniture scenery. Even by being only an Eames Chair Replica, Eames Chair is still sophisticatedly processed and a perfect recreation in all its details. Furthermore, we put utmost care on the choice of materials for the processing of our Eames Armchairs. On the end, a comfortable seating shell combines satisfaction of highest demands with pure pleasure of comfort, and, thereby, it is an exclusive Eames Chair Replica high of quality.

The to date very popular Eames Armchair by Charles and Ray Eames was the first industrially processed chair made of plastics. In 1948 the first draft of Eames Armchair was presented on behalf of the popular "International Competition for Low Cost Furniture", which was advertised by Museum of Modern Art of New York, and had a very good response. The audience was just excited about the stylish simplicity of the design going hand in hand with the comfortable seating. Due to these prerequisites, Eames Armchair advanced to be one of the most popular designs by Charles and Ray Eames and, therefore, an all-time classic of modern furniture history, for which reason we at Muloco have been encouraged to bring to market this outstanding Eames Chair Replica.


By the way: Eames Armchair isn't the only Eames Chair of our large range of high quality. The organically shaped seating shell of the Eames Chair is available with different bases and has been processed a million times. In its actual version made of molded-in color propylene the Armchair provides an even better seating comfort. Take the time and take a view at our high range of Eames Chair Replicas with a cup of tea or coffee. A peferct supplement to our extraordinary Eames Chair Replica, besides of Eames DAW or La Chaise, would be our exquisite LC2 Chair. The extremely comfortable and visually appealing LC2 Chair does not only invite for relaxation, but is, for sure, one of the most impressive designs of modern furniture design. LC2 Chair fits perfectly, with a high level of style and elegance, in every home - convince yourself. We at Muloco look forward to your visit and will be delighted to help with words and deeds.