Taking a decision for buying products from MULOCO, you take the decision for products of quality. As the replicas are self-productions, we are able to influence and determine the framework for the conditions for our business and the prices of our products by ourselves.

We always take care of the quality of the material for our products, as well as for fair conditions. That applies to safe production facilities and fair wages for the employees, as well as to the stud farms. To ensure these conditions it is important to calculate the prices for our products in an honest and reasonable way.

But, how is it possible that we can offer you such an affordable product price at MULOCO? Very easy: By collaborating with local material manufacturers we save up the money for expensive importers; we offer our self-produced furniture directly to you, without working with wholesalers; and we forego to sell our products in local retail shops. Therefore, we are able to reduce the prices up to 70%, compared to other business systems. Therefore, many take their profit out of this system - from the seamstress to the tanners to the design team - but mostly you.