Charles Eames Lounge Chair

The married couple of the Eames?s were congenial when realizing their designs. Charles Eames completed his architecture studies at the Washington University of St. Louis. After his scholarship at the Cranbrook Academy of Art he became the director of the department for industrial design of the Academy. His wife, Ray Eames was a qualified visual artist. Both together realized unique design concepts and drafts. The couple had a huge pioneering impact on design in the United States of America in the second half of the 20th century. Their furniture drafts were characterized by a high level of functionalism.

In particular, the arm chairs and stools designed by Charles and Ray Eames pertain to the most popular design classics in the range of seating furniture. The leather cushioned Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman stand for luxury and comfort in their perfection. For them, furniture is a special place of retreat from hectic and overstimulation of everyday life. Also, as an example, Eames DAR, DAW, DSR, DSW, and LCQ are regarded as timeless masterpieces. Also, Eames Office Chairs have gained great popularity.


The Eames Chair Replica can be regarded as the smaller brother of the Eames Lounge Chair. But, compared to Eames Lounge Chair, it isn't inferior regarding its expressive power or its quality, as could be concerned at a first thought. Although Eames Chair Replica must be compared to a giant, nevertheless, it is a detailed recreation. An expressive work, that can keep pace with the Original, the Lounge Chair.


The Eames Office Chair is the everyday life integration of the Eames Chair in office rooms. A clean design without any other applications and deflections. In its functionality, the Eames Office Chair isn't inferior to the Eames DSR and the Eames Lounge Chair and does have the same diversity of design. In private and in public spaces, the Eames Chair is a proof of sense of style and variability in its use. Impressively resistant and noble it fits to mostly any spirit of the time. Only the Barcelona Chair could be compared directly.