Bubble Chair

Famous Finnish furniture designer Eero Aarnio is iconic within furniture designers and stands with his furniture for fulfilled Pop culture since his debut in the 1960s. His Bubble Chair is, as well as his Ball Chair, a pop cultural idea, which to date is still standing for modernity and forward-looking. With the Ball Chair Replica, we offer a sophisticatedly processed furniture item in many color variations. Bubble Chair also proves, that a high grade of seating comfort get suffers when good and decorative design are applied, as already became known through Eames DSW Chair. When establishing his studio, Aarnio wanted to create a big Chair with a unique and beautiful design. Without any doubt, with creating the Bubble Chair he achieved his aim. And in regard of the seating height, the test subject was nobody else as the designer himself.

With the support of his wife, he created the first prototype of the Aarnio Ball Chair, and, soon after, it was one of the most successful chairs of Pop Culture. Since its creation in 1963, the Ball Chair, as well as its successor, the Bubble Chair, has been a very popular prop in productions in Cinema and Television. For the Men in Black it served as a waiting room chair and for the attendant of an Alien it was an escape vehicle. The outstanding unique shape of the Bubble Chair, as well as of the Ball Chair, is the reason for the fact that also 50 years after its creation it is still inspiring filmmakers all over the world.


Bubble Chair lives up to its name. The design complies with a mostly half of a sphere made of white glass fiber, of which the insides are smoothly cushioned with soft cushions. Furthermore, the cover of the cushioning is made of fine cashmere. The Bubble Chair is enthroned on a steady base, of which the shape flows directly into the base of the Ball Chair Replica. The soft cushions in the inside of the Bubble Chair can be adapted for better comfort. Due to its unique shape, it is possible to lose yourself in the Bubble Chair. It doesn't matter, if you want to work with your notebook, or if you want to read a book, Bubble Chair invites you, as well as its transparent counterpart, to linger a bit. Ball Chair is the innovative evolution of the popular Bubble Chair, of which a transparent acrylic sphere builds up the base which is hanging from de ceiling, but can be also, as well as the Ball Chair, set up on the floor. No matter if Ball Chair or Ball Chair Replica, the iconic design in combination with best materials is convincing at home, in the office, and in exhibition rooms. By the way, Eames Lobby Chair match perfectly to these items.