Barcelona Chair

Would you like to bring extravagance and majestic style to your home? Then, the Barcelona Chair is the guaranteed choice. Primarily, Mies van der Rohe designed the Barcelona Chair for the royal couple in Spain. It was expected, that with this Chair they would have an appropriate seating accommodation in the German Pavilion during the World Exhibition of 1929. It is obvious therefore that you will get a unique design object with the Barcelona Chair and, also, an object with history, class, and grace. Being a unique milestone in the short history of modern design in the days of Mies van der Rohe, only high-class materials are applied for Barcelona Chair.

Therefore, he used only sophisticated, chrome-plated strip steel, and a leather cushion with a very extraordinary and precious button stitching. Certainly, the Barcelona Chair is a typical classic example of modern design, but van der Rohe took his inspiration from the old Greek. The model was a folding chair, which could be folded as a scissor. Indeed, the framework of the Barcelona Chair is reminiscent of an antique folding chair, nonetheless, the Barcelona Chair has no folding function. Also, the exclusive leather cushion with its stitching pertains to the reinterpreted attributes of Barcelona Chair.


The fact that the Barcelona Chair is still very popular by today, almost 100 years after its finalization, is a demonstration of quality of the Barcelona Chair, and, also, of its versatility. Although one might assume that the Barcelona Chair only fits to modern styled homes which are clear and don't permit any ornamentation, it also fits to playful detailed furnishings, as an example, a home inspired by Pop Art. Especially, a playful furnishing paired with an icon of Classical Modernism as the Barcelona Chair contributes to an interesting mix of styles. Also, together with the Barcelona Chair, other design furniture match perfectly, as Eames Chair and Barcelona Daybed. The Eames Chair is a perfect contrast to the Barcelona Chair, mainly concerning materials, shaping, and color. Nevertheless, the combination of Eames Chair and Barcelona Chair result in a slick reinterpretation.


The furniture by master Mies van der Rohe satisfies any wishes, therefore they have elevated prices. Frequently, many people consider buying a Barcelona Chair replica. Without doubt, there are many good replicas that can be bought without any concerns, but you should pay attention to the applied materials and the details, because that is what constitutes a good Barcelona Chair replica.