Ball Chair

Ball Chair is not only a classic of modern design from 1966, it is a proper styled icon of modernism and path-breaking for following Pop-Up developments of its time. Already in 1962, the prototype of the Ball Chair was born from the hands of Eero Aarnios. The delayed publication of this unique design of the Ball Chair in Cologne leveraged not only the new style, but leveraged also Eero Aarnio. By that, Eero Aarnio did not only profile himself, but made an impact on a whole generation with his closed but clear construction. With its modern and straight, as well as colorful style, it was a role model for Panton Chair and Daw Chair.

Precursors of modernism, specially the Eames Chair, show, how a style can be expressed in quality and clarity. Ball Chair, but, is differentiated by its smooth circularity from the straight and cold style of the Eames Chair. A typical symbol of modern and young charm. The bassinet-like, clear and creative style of the Ball Chair is refined in its reinterpretation, the Panton Chair. An experiment of colors, focused on the material of plastic, and a simple silhouette, which is almost wavelike.


Such as Ball Chair, Panton Chair was strongly influencing fashion of the 1960s and 1970s and stands for a new feeling, fresh and a little bit modest. A bold sense for color and for unusual shapes is the stimulus. Panton Chair is also a pathbreaking classic, which is now exposed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Such as Ball Chair, Panton Chair has its retro charm, but, this is not a situation of exclusion for such a modern, versatile, and adaptive style. Today, retro is still hip. Ball Chair, Eye Clock, etc. not only revive memories. They belong to an individually new interpreted style, which increasingly goes its way back into homely idyll. Loud colors are inspiring modern market and, with its combination with simple circularity and its usefulness, Ball Chair is a good companion. Daw Chair takes up this attitude with its colorful and simple style. Thereby, Daw Chair is convincing in its clear elegance, paired with its powerful dominance, reflected on its slim legs.


Besides of the unobtrusive style of modernistic furniture and the new and creative culture, many other elements, such as Ball Clock and Bertoia Chair, have their position in terms of furnishing. The times of cold angular style is over, as can be seen at Eames Chair. Soft and playful elements replace functionalism. Ball Clock inspires with circular applications, which identify the time. A supplement that fits perfectly into the world of furniture. A wonderful counterpart to Ball Chair, and a wonderful possibility to create harmonic combination.