Artichoke Lamp

The Artichoke Lamp, also known as just The Artichoke is a remarkable classic in the range of lightning elements within history of design. Danish designer Poul Henningsen landed a coup with Artichoke Lamp, not only in the context of a unique and special construction, but also, by integrating a new style of lightning in international furnishing. The Artichoke Lamp is characterized by its particularly clear blades, which playfully refract the light, hereby creating a unique feeling. But, Artichoke Lamp is not only perfectly elaborated concerning each component, it is also an extent experience with its timeless, sensitive look. It is particularly adaptable and individual.

By interacting with other furniture as elements of modernism (Ball Chair, Ball Clock, and Panton Chair), it is possible to create a particular room atmosphere. The shed-like arrangement of the blades impedes the sight of the illuminant and the recreated reflections brings a new lightning experience to every room. Besides the high-value quality of the Artichoke Lamp we want to recommend another element: The Ball Clock, which proves your sense of style. The Ball Clock is a contrasting counterpart to the Artichoke Lamp. Per legend created on a merry evening, the Ball Clock is also rich on materials and individualism providing a high level of profundity.


The Ball Chair has its good companion at the Ball Clock, both symbols of high quality and futuristic elegance. Ball Chair and Artichoke Lamp, both have their initiation on the beginnings of the 1960s and, thereby, their cradle in the upcoming individual and modern style.


Charles Eames Chairs not only provide a high-value look and quality, but also regularly prove their adaptability and their variability for combination to many other products as the Artichoke Lamp. The Panton Chair is a prime example. The clear shape and the curved harmony of the Panton Chair can be perfectly combined with the clear look of Artichoke Lamp. The incoming warm light is captured by the round shape of Panton Chair and, thereby, it is reinterpreted. Nevertheless, Charles Eames Chairs are a perfect supplement of style, and reinterpret the effect of the Artichoke Lamp.