Arco Lamp

Nowadays, lamps aren't considered as just useful items, but as most important decoration elements. This is because lamps in their different forms are neither inappropriate nor unnecessary even in neutral rooms. At workspaces, decoration only uses up space and distracts from necessary work. Nevertheless, you like to have it nice at your workspace to be comfortable at work. Therefore, it is appropriate to use items for decoration which are usually there. The office chair, for example, can be replaced by the Eames Chair and as a lamp you can use the Arco Lamp or the Artichoke Lamp. It is so fast and easy to create a modern and stylish workspace.

In contrast to the Artichoke Lamp as a ceiling light, the Arco Lamp - or Arco Gooseneck Lamp - is an appealing floor lamp, which has been design from the hand of Achille Castiglioni. Achille Castiglioni created the Arco Lamp in 1962 for the Italian lamp manufacturer Flos. The creator of Arco Lamp was an industrial designer who was well known for his functional design. Today, the Arco Floor Lamp, or Arco Gooseneck Lamp is considered as a classic and is an impressive sample of modern design. The Arco Lamp has a simple and plain design, which broadcasts elegance and modernity. Arco Floor Lamp is classified as an icon of modern industrial design and was a result of Castiglioni's research for a ceiling light for which installation the ceiling wouldn't be damaged.


Arco Gooseneck Lamp was set-up based on street lights. Also on this design, Castiglioni kept in mind his slogan, that good design needs precise observation. To fix the Arco Floor Lamp to the ground, as well as the street lights are, a solid marble base is the foot of the lamp. On this base a steel arc is fixed to which the light is attached - the arc that characterizes the Arco Lamp. Arco Lamp has been included to collection of Museum of Modern Art as an outstanding example of industrial design. Other designers, as Poul Henningsen, also researched on everyday life objects, as, for example, for the Artichoque Lamp.


In the Shop on muloco.com you can find many modern and artistic furniture objects matching Arco Floor Lamp. As for example Eames Chair. It is also a classic of modern design and available in many different colors and shapes. Also, there are many enhancements of the Eames Chair, which have a special stylish effect in combination with the Arco Lamp or the Artichoke Lamp.